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Hygiene Sense is the innovative partner for implementing sensor technology in hygiene systems.

Hygiene becomes more and more important in every company. It is a well-known fact that people perform better in a clean and safe environment. So the employees will be more content and there will be a lower absentee rate. Hygiene Sense is an organisation that uses 'state-of-the-art' technology as well as their experience in general and technical support services, to support companies to improve their control of hygiene. To this end, Hygiene Sense concentrates particularly on the sanitary hygiene of companies. They provide sanitary provision that is used by many people, where it is important to check and control the hygiene. Besides guaranteeing the availability of sanitary provision, Hygiene Sense also helps the companies to work more (financially) efficient.

The dispensers for the sanitary provision are continually measured by using a patent system. The information about these measurements is available for various users. General and technical support services, cleaning agencies and suppliers of these dispensers are aware of the higher value of this technology. This way, companies distinguish themselves and hygiene is taken seriously. Apart from the cost savings in service time, Hygiene Sense makes a professional step in hygiene control.

Besides delivering the technology, Hygiene Sense also provides courses, engineers, instructions, and licences. Hygiene Sense is a young, innovative company that works together closely with producers and suppliers of sanitary hygiene. Hygiene Sense is also the innovative partner in the field of hygiene management.